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ÉMIGRÉ COSSACK PERIODICAL & MAP: Кубанский исторический и литерарный Сборник [Kubanskij istoričeskij i literarnyj Sbornik / Kuban Historical and Literary Digest], No. 6.



An émigré Cossack periodical with inserted folding map of the Kuban region of Russia was edited by a former Major-Genera,l White Russian Vyacheslav Naumenko, who escaped the post WWII Repatriation of Cossacks.

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A rare magazine, printed in Russian Cyrillic, includes reports on historical events as well as literature and poetry by the Kuban Cossacks. The photo-reproduced folding map showcases the Kuban region.

Kuban Cossacks or Kubanians are Cossacks who live in the Kuban region of Russia, in the region east of the Crimea. After the Russian Revolution the Soviet Union annexed a short lived Kuban People’s Republic, which existed for mere 21 months between 1918 and 1919. Many pro White Russia Kubanians fled the country to avoid the revenge of the Bolsheviks. During the WWII the Cossack troops joined Hitler’s army to fight against the Red Army.

After Germany’s defeat in 1945, over 2000 Cossacks were sent to a prison camp in Lienz, Austria, led by the British. Only weeks later they were handed over to the USSR, where they were tried for treason and executed.    

The editor of the book was Vyacheslav Naumenko, a former Cossack Major-General. A White Russian veteran from WWI, Naumenko became during WWII one of the leaders of the Cossacks, who were collaborating with the Nazis. He manage to escape the post war slaughter of the Cossacks and moved to the US, where he became one of the leaders of the exiled Kuban Cossacks. He is buried at the Nanuet, Rockland County, New York, USA

The magazine was published in 17 volumes between 1959-1962.

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