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A collections of poetry by four Esperantists, was the first book in the series of 93 made by the Esperanto publishing house Stafeto, issued in 1952 in La Laguna, Tenerife. 


8°, 267 pp. text with full-page illustration on p. 8 and with 4 unnumbered interleaved portraits, interleaved 1 p. dictionary on tan paper, interleaved between pp. 256-267, [1] errata, original illustrated wrappers (binding slightly loose, small old pencil annotations in margins, winding slightly fusty and stained with small tears in hinges, old collection stamps from an Esperanto club on the wrappers and on some of the pages, otherwise in a good condition).

A book includes poems by three Esperantists, born in Scotland, William Auld (1924 – 2006), John S. Dinwoodie (1904–1980) and John Islay Francis (1924 – 2012), and by a British-Swiss Italian author Reto Rossetti (1909-1994). Each of four chapters, with a poetry of one of the Esperantists, begins with a portrait of the author.

A linocut illustration accompanying an introduction, shows a person, expressing a developed thought into the modern world and was made by Reto Rossetti.

The Esperanto publishing house Stafeto was run by Juan Régulo Pérez in La Laguna, Tenerife Island, between 1952 and 1975, when they publshed 93 books. This was the first book printed by this publishing house.

References: Geoffrey Sutton, Concise Encyclopedia of the Original Literature of Esperanto, 2008, pp. 153-157, 222-227 251-253, 263-278.

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