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ESPERANTO SCIENCE BOOK: Sciencaj studoj bazitaj sur originalaj esploroj kaj observoj [Scientific studies based on original investigations and observations].



An uncommon illustrated scientific book,  written in Esperanto, includes numerous original articles on biology, chemistry, geology, linguistics and other topics. 

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This uncommon scientific book includes over 30 scientific articles on botany, geology, chemistry, linguistics and other subjects, written by various European, Asian and other authors. 

The book was printed at the 50th anniversary of the International Science Association of Esperantists.

The editor Paul de Neergaard (1907-1987) was a Danish Esperantist and agronomist, also known as the father of seed pathology. He was a member of Academy for Esperanto, and a professor in Beirut and Mysore. In 1967 he became the first director of the Danish Government Institute of Seed Pathology of Developing Countries. Neergaard was also a member of the Indian National Academy of Sciences, the French Academy of Agriculture, and the New York Explorers Club. He was also vice president of International Science Association of Esperantists and editor of several Esperanto magazines. He was responsible for translation of botanic and agricultural terminology to Esperanto. 

References: Geoffrey Sutton, Concise Encyclopedia of the Original Literature of Esperanto, 2008, pp. 219-220.

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