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FEMALE ARTISTS: Katalog umetnostne razstave likovnih umetnic iz Beograda, Zagreba, Sušaka in Ljubljane : Ljubljana, 5. XI.-20. XI. 1939



A scarce catalogue listing works of 12 Yugoslav female artists, held in Ljubljana in late 1939 in the Jakopič Pavilion.

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[Catalogue of Art Exhibition of Female Artists from Belgrade, Zagreb, Sušak and Ljubljana. Ljubljana, 5. XI.-20. XI. 1939]


This rare pre WWII catalogue was made for any exhibition of twelve female artists exhibiting 87 works at the Jakopič Pavilion in Ljubljana, a gallery known for its progressive exhibitions of contemporary art. The exhibitors were: Milica Bešević (1896-1941) from Belgrade, Božena Vilhar Ružić (1906 – 1991), Mara Kralj (1909-2010), Avgusta Šantel (1876–1968), Dana Pajnič (1906-1970), Henrika Šantel (1874-1940), Štefanija Canki-Pažić (1912-?), Anica Zupanec Sodnik (1892-1978), Elda Piščanec (1897-1967), Mira Pregelj (1905-1966), Jela Humek Trnkoczy (1905-1957), and Bara Remec (1910-1991).

The war, which came less than two year later had a major impact on most of the artists: Milica Bešević died in 1941, at the April 6th bombing of Belgrade, which marked the beginning of the war in Yugoslavia, Božena Vilhar Ružić joined the partisans and survived the war, Dana Pajnič also joined the partisans, was caught and sent to the Ravensbrück prison, Henrika Šantel died in the year following the exhibition, and Bara Remec escaped from her home town days before the liberation and continued her career, mostly as a book illustrator in Buenos Aires. 

We could only find three institutional copies in Slovenia (Central Humanistic Library in Ljubljana, National Gallery of Ljubljana and Gallery Božidar Jakac, Kostanjevica na Krki) and one in Zagreb (Croatian Academy of Science and Arts). The National Library of Ljubljana does not see to hold a copy.

References: OCLC 813650841.

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