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FIRST MODERN EGYPTIAN ATLAS OF THE WOLRD: اطلس ابتدائي للدنيا : لاستعماله في المدارس المصرية



[Primary Atlas of the World. For use in Egyptian Schools. First Edition]


First Egyptian modern school atlas of the world, published in the year of the country’s independence, in 1922.


Square 4°. Title page, 35 pp. with full page colour lithographed maps, bound in original blue card covers with title printed on front cover (title page little age-toned with traces of old annotations, old book seller’s stamp on the cover and top of the title page, covers soiled and with old hand-written words, maps in a good, clean condition).


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The atlas features a title page with a list of contents, followed by 11 maps focused on Egypt and the course of the Nile. The maps are based on the lithographs, published in the first Egyptian atlas from 1911 (for the second edition, please see Egypt Atlas: اطلس ابتدائى للقطر المصرى [Elementary Atlas of Egypt]). The following 18 maps embrace the following areas: Africa, East Africa and Arabian Peninsula, West Africa, #south Africa and Madagascar, Europe, North Europe, South Europe, Asia, North Part of Arabian Peninsula, India with an In-Set map of Sri Lanka, China, North America, United States, South America, Australia, two hemispheres, Mercator’s projection of the world, map of the world with ocean currents and page with illustrations of basic geographical terms.

Reader of the atlas should note, that the maps of the world have been arranged to be read as in western books, staring with the last illustration in this book, prepresenting basic geographical terms, followed by maps of the world,… and finishing with maps of Africa. The 11 maps of Egypt are arranged in the “reverse” collation, typical for Middle Eastern books.

The atlas, made for educational purposes, was published in 1922, in the year of declaration of Egyptian independence and marks new borders in the Middle East and North Africa, which are in many cases partly unclear.

The maps were prepared by the General Survey Department of Egypt, founded by the British in 1898. Formed to serve British military and commercial interests, it developed into a leading national surveying office in the Kingdom of Egypt.

We could trace one example of the atlas on-line (Hebrew University Mount Scopus Library, OCLC 741098510).

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