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First Ottoman Book on Darwinism: داروينيزم [Darvinizm / Darwinism]


A rare first Ottoman Book on Darwinism, printed in Bitola.


8°. 200 pp. with three interleaved images, [4 pp.], contemporary brown embossed covers, red label with gilt lettering in Ottoman on the spine, endpapers with art nouveau pattern (little age-toned and stained, binding slightly rubbed on corners, but otherwise in a good conditon).

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Suphi Ethem (also Subhi Edhem or İsmail Suphi, 1880s – prob. 1920 or 1923).

[Darvinizm / Darwinism]

Manastır (Today Bitola, North Macedonia): Beynelmilel Ticaret Matbaası] 1327 [1911].



In his revolutionary Ottoman work Suphi Ethem presents the history of Pre-Darwinian theory and Darwin’s discoveries as a final result. The text is accompanied with a portrait of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and Georges Cuvier.

Suphi Ethem (1880s – prob. 1920 or 1923) was a pioneer of the revolutionary psychology in the Ottoman Empire. He authored several important works of the late Ottoman period, such as the first work on botanical history İlm-i Nebâtât Târîhi and the encyclopaedical work Ulum-ı Tabî’iyye Lûgati, published in Bitola (Manastır) in 1911, as well as articles in contemporary progressive and scientific newspapers. Not much is known about Suphi Ethem after WWI, when he moved to Germany to continue his education of veterinary science.

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