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FORTUNETELLING WITH OTTOMAN ROSARIES: تسبيح فالى [Tesbih Falı / The Ottoman Beads]


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A rare pamphlet in the Ottoman language contains instruction on fortune-telling with the beads.  

The Ottoman rosaries or beads are known not only for their role in the Islamic prayers, but also as a fortune telling devices. The pamphlet in Ottoman language explains the techniques of predicting the future with the rosaries through an elaborate combination of rotating and moving the beads with prayers and spells.

The mystical meaning of the beads comes from the times, when the beads were made of the animal bones, which carried the spirit of the hunted and killed animals.

Worldcat lists two examples (University Library of Leiden and University of California, Los Angeles).

References: OCLC 688505462 & 67135623.

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