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FUGGER – PORTRAIT: Fridericus Fugger Filius II Philippi Eduardi – Graf Friedrich Fugger (1586-1654), Herr zu Weißenhorn, Sohn des Philipp Eduard Freiherr Fugger (1546-1618)



An original 17th century hand-drawn portrait of count Friedrich Fugger, a member of the famous banking family from Augsburg. 

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A beautiful black and white hand-drawn portrait shows count Friedrich Fugger (1586-1654), son of Philipp Eduard Freiherr Fugger (1546-1618), from the famous family of bankers from Augsburg. 

The portrait is partly based on the engraving from a book Fuggerorum et Fuggerarum.  In 1593 a book with 59 portraits of the family members engraved by Dominicus Custos was published and in 1618 Lucas und Wolfgang Kilian published enlarged edition with 127 new portraits. The family Kilian founded one of the most active publishing houses in Germany in the 17th century. 

Hand written text (a part of Fugger biography) on the back. 

References: Brunet II, 1419f.; Ebert 7994; Graesse II, 645; Hiler 209; Hollst. VI, 63, 3 sowie XVII, 154, 621-650 u. XVIII, 198. 705; Lipperh. Da 8; Th./B. XX, 297 u. vgl. VIII, 219; nicht bei Colas.

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