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FUTURISM, ITALY: Parole in libertà: libri e riviste del Futurismo nelle Tre Venezie.


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Large 4°. 58 red and black text on thick yellow and black paper with illustrations within text and full page illustrations, original yellow wrappers with text printed in black and red, held together with original bolts and screws (Very Good, binding hardly noticeable dusty). 


A well designed art book was made in 1992 as a catalogue to the exhibition of Italian Futurism. Text, images and photographs are presents in the form of the spirit of the exhibition, in futurist forms in various sizes of letters and on thick yellow paper. The leaves are humorously held together with original bolts and screws.

According to the text on the back, the book was inspired by the original Futurist art of Fortunato Depero, Giorgio Riccardo Carmelich and Enrico Bona.


References: OCLC 231618057 & 797866726.

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