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GEOGRAPHY / PERSIA / DAR UL-FUNUN, TEHRAN: فایت الجغرافیا [Principles of Geography]


A rare illustrated Persian book on geography, written by the leading Tehran-based astronomer and geographer Abdul Ghaffar Najm al-Mulk and published by Dar ul-Funun.


12°. 290 pp. lithographed text with illustrations and a map, folding map, contemporary half reddish-brown goat with black linen boards (binding hardly noticeable rubbed and stained, small old signature in black ink on the inner side of the back board, old black book-sellers’ stamps, but otherwise in a good condition with only light sporadic staining).


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The work was written by Abdul Ghaffar Najm al-Dawlah, also known as Najm al-Mulk (نجم الملك), a leading Persian astronomer, surveyor and mathematician of the late 19th and early 20th century.

His father Mulla ‘Ali Muhammad Isfahani (Esfahani) was one of the pioneers of Persian modern mathematics and on of the first professors at Dar al-Funun (university) in Tehran.
Najm al-Dawlah became one of the earliest graduates of Dar al-Funun, where he was soon named “Professor of all the exact sciences” his main subjects were mathematics and engineering, but he also spent large amounts of time researching astronomy and geography, a knowledge that was not appreciated on this level until some decades later. He is today mostly known for his map of Tehran, preservation of historical monuments and his adjustment of the calendar.

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References: Cf.: Maryam Saghafi, Abd al-Ghaffar Najm al-Mulk and his role in the transition from traditional geography to modern geography. C . A. Storey, Persian Literature. A Bio-Bibliographicsl Survey, Vol. 2., Brill, p. 19, n. 50.


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