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GERMAN MID-CENTIRY DESIGN – POSTER: Junges Leben. Wanderausstellung des Bayerischen Jugendringes [Young Life. Hiking Exhibition of the Bavarian Youth Association].



An attractive colourful poster for a Bavarian hiking exhibition.

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A rare colourful poster was made for an exhibition of outdoor activities by a Bavarian youth association Young Life (Junges Leben). 

The exhibition was probably made in the years following WWII, when such associations encouraged youth to outdoor and sport activities in order to forget the horrors of the war, but also to keep them on the straight and narrow. The colours on the poster represent the beginnings of the typical German MidCentury design, which bloomed in the mid and late 1950s.  

The designer of the poster was Richard Throll (1880-1961), a Munich-born artist, who was active as a painter, engraver, and graphic designer.  

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