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GRAZ: Plan der kaiserlich königliechen Provinzial-Hauptstadt Gratz samt ihren Umgebungen in Herzogthume Steyermark.


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A very rare separately published early lithographed map shows Graz in Styria, Austria, and its surroundings. The map was made by an Austrian map maker Joseph Franz Kaiser (1786–1863?), wo was experimenting with early lithographs. He was also an author of very rare folding globes.

The map shows Graz in 1838, in the time of its quick industrial evolution, when numerous new factories were built.

The lithographer Rumpold was a printer and lithographer, based in Vienna, who was experimenting with different printing techniques. 

Very rare – no known examples on the market or in the institutions. One example from 1825 in the University Library of Prague (https://ckis.cuni.cz/F/23AT3JMK79AILK4Y3GNH1HYF1SFK1VV26RQ5CUMMN2BRPD6GVN-55881?func=full-set-set&set_number=007506&set_entry=000001&format=999).

This 1838 edition of the map is slighty different of the 1825 edition. Added were some new names of the factories, which developped in the previous 13 years.

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