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GREECE / MAP-MAKING MANUAL: Τοπειογραφια Προχειροσ Στρατιωτικη [Title on the Cover]. Πανοραματικ Αυτοσχεδια [Title Page]. [Military Field Topography. Improvised Panoramas]



A rare Greek manual on quick and precise map-making on the field with limited equipment.


8°,77 pp. with black and white illustrations, original illustrated wrappers, stapled(printed on thin paper with traces of printed text on reverse side, small tears in margins, wrappers slightly stained, with tiny loss of paper in margins, but overall in a good condition).


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The richly illustrated manual contains instructions on quick yet precise map-making on the field for military purposes. The illustrations represent the basic techniques of measuring, sketching, calculating and rules of perspective.

The book is a pioneering work on this subject in Greek language and is dedicated to fallen Greek soldiers in the Greco-Turkish War of 1922.

The author of the book Odysseus Maroulis (1878-1956) was a map maker, a professor of topography between 1917 and 1920, professor of Military Survey in 1923 and the director of the Military Surveying Office from 1930 until 1936.

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