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Habazeleth. No. 21 & No 47. חבצלת



2 issues of an early Hebrew newspaper Habazeleh were published in Jerusalem in 1898 and 1900.

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Habazeleth or Havatzelet was an early Hebrew-language newspaper, first published as a monthly in 1963. After a pause of almost seven years, the newspaper was issued as a biweekly and as a weekly from 1871 until 1911.

The newspaper is a valuable source of information on the Jewish communities in the Land of Israel.

The owner and editor of the newspaper was Israel Dov Frumkin (ישראל דב פרומקין‎; 1850 – 1914), born in Dubroŭna, Russian Empire, an author, pioneer of Hebrew journalism, and builder of Jerusalem.


References: National Library of Izrael: Habazeleth (http://web.nli.org.il/sites/JPress/English/Pages/HZT.aspx).

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