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HABSBURG: General-Gemaelde des Österreichischen Kaiserstaates, in geographische-statistischer, genealogischer, wissenschaftlicher & artistischer Hinsicht.


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A large separately issued lithography celebrates the reign and family of Habsburg. The central portrait of Ferdinand I of Habsburg (1793 – 1875) is surrounded by a flower of 11 crownland of the Habsburg Monarchy: Austria, Styria, Illyria, Tyrol, Lombardy-Venice, Galicia and Lodomeria, Silesia, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Transylvania and Hungary. Each petal of the flower describes one of the countries and gives the statistic of the country. 

The upper part is decorated with the Austrian eagle, a map of the Austrian Monarchy, portraits of Rudolph I and Franz I of Habsburg, lists of the names from the house of Habsburg left, and Lotharingia right, and with views of the fort Habsburg, Lemberg (Lwów), Trieste, Prague, Budapest, Innsbruck and Vienna.

The whole central image is surrounded with decoration of small leaves carrying the names of the members of the house of Habsburg and a chain of medals with personifications of industry and science.

The author of the draft is not signed, but it is possible the image is based on a drawing by Anton Zelinka with a same title and dimensions, today held at the Austrian National Ligrary (http://aleph21-prod-acc.obvsg.at/F?func=direct&local_base=ACC01&doc_number=003781668)

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