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TOKYO TATAR ISLAMIC PRESS: هفتيك شريف [Haftyak Sharif]




A collection of most important passages from the Quran, photolithographed by the Tatar Islamic Press in Tokyo and based on the 1894 edition.    


12°, [2 pp.] title page, 173 pp. photolithographed text, [2 pp.] imprint in Tatar and Japanese, original black cloth binding with gilt lettering, golden edges (cracks in gutters with sporadic loose sheets, binding lightly scuffed on the corners and rubbed in the lower part and on the spine, endpapers slightly age-toned, otherwise in a good condition).

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Haftyak Sharif is a collection of most important passages from the Quran, which is used in the first years of the Islamic schools, or madrasas, for the children to learn by heart. Although written in Arabic, a language unknown to most of the pupils, the goal was to learn a correct pronunciation of the Quran, the basis of all Islamic studies. All the words are hence clearly vocalized.

This text was based on the publication, issued in 1894 in Kazan.

The Tatar community in Japan was founded after the Russian Revolution by the immigrants, fleeing the Bolsheviks through Siberia and Vladivostok, under the leadership of imam MuhammedGabdulkhay Kurbangaliev (1889-1972). In 1936, they founded the first school in Kobe, which was followed by a school in Tokyo two years later. In the same year, n 1938, the Tatars founded the first mosque in Tokyo. The Tokyo Mohammedan Press was founded in 1929. It was publishing books and a journal in Tatar language.

Japanese welcomed Tatars in their country, especially on the eve and during the war, when the Tatars sided with the Axis Powers in hope to defeat the Bolsheviks and return to their homeland.

The book was printed in two versions. Ours is the more expensive one with gilt edges.

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