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HAMLET. Królewicz duński


An unusual, undated Polish edition of Hamlet, published in Lviv and Zlochiv in today’s Ukraine.


12°, 139 pp., old (publisher’s?) brown wrappers (old signature in ink on the title page, tiny folds and tears in white margins, wrappers slightly stained with small cracks around the spine, but otherwise a good condition as published with uneven margins and sporadic loose leaves).

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The translation was made by Józef Paszkowski (1817-1861) and initially only first published a year after his death, became widely popular in Polish speaking territories in the next decades.

The publisher was Wilhelm Zukerkandel (Zuckerkandel) (1851 – 1924), a known bibliophile from Zlochiv, who was publishing in Polish language.

We could only trace examples in Polish libraries (OCLC 830917712, one record dates the book in 1928).


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