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HEJAZ RAILWAY PHOTOGRAPHY: “Tren…arap piyade… [Original Photograph of the Hejaz Railway likely depicting an Opening Ceremony for a New Station along the Line].




A fascinating original photograph of what was likely a ceremony in honour of the opening of a new station along the line of the Hejaz Railway, featuring a detachment of the Ottoman “Arab Infantry” greeting a train as it arrive towards an arch of garlands.



This original photograph depicts what is likely the opening ceremony for a new station along the route of the Hejaz Railway.  The image shows a train arriving towards a large arch of garlands, next to which is a stage supposedly hosting dignitaries.  In the foreground are lines of soldiers acting as spectators to the event, while a man wearing a fez looks off-scene towards the photographer.  A faint partially erased inscription in Modern Turkish (Latin script) on the verso reads, in part, “Tren…Arap piyade…” (meaning “Train…Arab Infantry…”), identifying the troops.
While further research will likely reveal the exact location of the scene, we have not been able to identify the station in question.  However, the scene is consistent in all respects with recorded ceremonies for the opening pf new stations along the Hejaz Railway.

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