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HERBERSTEIN: Coat of Arms and Autograph of Michael von Herberstein



Highly decorative late Renaissance coat of arms of Michael von Herberstein from an Album Amicorum from 1600.

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Michael count of Herberstein (died 105) was a member of a famous Styrian noble family. He was the fourth son of Siegmund Friedrich, Freiherr von Herberstein (1549-1621) and Maria Magdalene, Freiin von Welz (1554 – 1642). Siegmund was a gouverneur of Styria ain 1597 and an advisor to Ferdinand II. He father died in 1621 and his wife emigrated to Nuremberg in 1629 after the expulsion oft he Protestants in Styria.  


Michael von Herberstein died very young in 1605, fighting against Ottomans. This coat of arms was made in Tübingen for an Album Amicorum (the leaf does not give out the name of the author), probably when Michael von Herberstein was visiting the city, as the documents do not list him as as sudent of the University there.


References: BLKÖ, 8, p. 341.

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