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HISTORY / ARMENIA / OTTOMAN EMPIRE: Ermenilerin Osmanlı İmparatorluğuʼna katkısı The Input of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire



A rare Turkish version of an award-winning text on the role of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.

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A richly illustrated book with text in Turkish, and with 663 pages and over 400 colour and black and white illustrations represents the role of Armenians in the court, culture, science, medicine, trade, military, sports and urban planning in the Ottoman Empire until WWI. Presented are portraits, historical photos, literature and newspapers, posters, advertisements etc. 

The introduction in Armenian and Turkish was written by Catholicos Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians, the supreme head of the Armenian Apostolic Church.  

The text, by a female author Hasmik Stepanyan, which was first issued in Armenian language at the 550th anniversary of Istanbul’s Armenian Patriarchate under the title Hayeri nerdrumn Ōsmanyan kaysrutʻyunum, won several awards, including an award by the president.  

This is a less common Turkish translation, issued by the Yerevan State University three years later, with an introduction by Karekin II, dated in 2013.  

We could only find one institutional example on Worldcat (University of California, Los Angeles).

References: OCLC 1013467238.

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