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HOSPITAL SAN SERVOLO, VENICE: Tavole statistiche degli alienati che ebbero cura nel morocomio centrale maschile in San Servolo di Venezia nel decennio 1847-1856 inclusivi.



A detailed statistical report on the first decade of the mental institution on the island San Servolo in Venice was printed by the Armenian press on San Lazzaro.

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8°: [1] blank, folding colour lithograph (35,5 x 50 cm / 14 x 19.7 inches), 29 pp, [13] folding and double-page plates with letterpress on thick paper, [1] blank, newer marble paper wrappers (light foxing mostly to the text pages, some leaves with small holes without loss of text in margins, otherwise in a good condition).


[Statistical Tables of the Outsiders, which were Treated at a Central Male Lunatic Asylum in San Servolo di Venezia between 1847 and 1856]

A book in Italian language includes detailed statistical report on a decade of the work of the mental institution on the island San Servolo in Venice. The institution was closed in 1979 after more than a century since its foundation. Today the buildings on the islands house Istituto per le Ricerche e gli Studi sull´Emarginazione Sociale e Culturale(Institute for the Study of Social and Cultural Marginalization) to preserve the documents associated with the history of the psychiatric hospital. 

A large colour lithograph, made by Ignazio Mozzoni, shows a map of the island and the hospital buildings, accompanied by a legend, and a black and white view of the island. The plate was lithographed on the Island of San Servolo.

The book was printed in 1857 by the press of the Mekhitarists, a congregation of Benedictine monks of the Armenian Catholic Church, on the island of San Lazzaro in Venice.  The order was founded in Mkhitar Sebastatsi, in 1717, with a goal to nourish the Armenian culture, and mostly preserve the literature under the Ottoman Empire. In the same year, during the tensions between the Ottoman and Venetians, Venice gave an island San Lorenzo to the order, where they established their centre. In the next decades they translated and printed books, pamphlets, prints and maps in Armenian language, meant for export among Armenians around the world. The monastery also collected an important and valuable library.

We could find three institutional copies (Biblioteca civica di Arco, Universita di Padova – Biblioteca Antica Vincenzo Pinali, and University of Minnesota, Minneapolis).

References: OCLC 797683177.

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