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HUNGARY & SLOVAKIA: Territorio di Naiasel e Gran sin’a Comorra Descritto e Dedicato dal P. Maestro Coronelli Lettore e Cosmografo publico all’Illustrissimo Sig. Gio. Gasparo Conte Cobenzl…


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The map embraces the area of the Danube in Hungary between Esztergom and Komoron, and Nove Zamky in Slovakia in the lower part. The legend on the left-hand side describes the battle of Gran, fought in 1685.

The map was dedicated to Johann Caspar II. Count Cobenzl (1664-1742), a governor of Gorizia and Carniola (today Slovenia).

The author of the map Vincenzo Maria Coronelli (1650 – 1718) was one of the most renovated cartographers and globe makers, active mostly in Venice. He is known by his atlases such as Atlante Veneto and Corso geografico universale (where this map was published), as well as by his monumental globes,made for Ranuccio II Farnese, Duke of Parma, and Louis XIV. Coronelli’s maps are today considered as great classics of cartography.

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