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IMMIGRANT PRINTING: Zapojmo! Zbirka persmi. Od srca do srca [Let’s Sing! Collection of Songs. From Heart to Heart].



A rare book with a collection of songs was printed during WWII in Cleveland, Ohio, in Slovenian language by the Slovenian Women’s Union of America, as a part of the women’s liberation movement.

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A rare book with circa 150 songs from different regions of Slovenia, was published by the Slovenian Women’s Union of America in the Unites States. The book starts with an anthem of Slovenian Female Immigrants in the United States Naša »Zvezna« Himna (Our »United« Anthem) by Ivan Zorman. The book slao includes a Slovenian translation of The Star-Spangled Banner by Ivan Zupan.

In 1926, the Slovenian Women’s Union of America in the US was founded on the initiative of Marie Prisland, who was inspired by the women’s liberation movement in the United States. The Union’s goal was not only to keep a cultural connection between female Slovenian immigrants to the United States, but also to acquaint them with the currents of the international women’s liberation movement. Since 1929 the association has been publishing their own monthly Zarja (The Dawn). At the beginning the Association counted 72 female members, in 1964 it expanded to 96 clubs with circa 12,000 members. In 1997, the number of the regional clubs was 65 and it included circa 6,000 members.

The editor of this book, Albina Novak, and the president of the Union, Marie Prisland, both immigrated to the United States in 1906.

The first edition of Zapojmo! was published in 1942, and republished in enlarged edition in year later. We could only trace two examples of this 1943 edition in libraries worldwide (Library Dušan Černe in Trieste, Italy; University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee) and one example of 1942 (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis).

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