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Imperial Crown of Austria / Österreichische Kaiserkrone


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Schöne Zeichnung der Österreichischen Kaiserkrone, gezeichet von Robert Wosak (1876 – 1944). Aus der Sammlung des Hofwappenmalers Ernst Krahl (1858–1926).


A beautiful drawing shows the Imperial Crown of Austria, which was made in 1602 in Prague by Jan Vermeyen as the personal crown of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II. The crown was used as a private crown of the Holy Roman Emperors and Kings of Hungary and Bohemia from the House of Habsburg, and in 1804 it became the official crown of the newly constituted Austrian Empire. 


The drawing was made by an Austrian drawer and paiter Robert Wosak (1876 – 1944), active mostly in the first half of the 20th century around Vienna. 

The drawing comes from a private collection of the painer of coat of arms to the Austrian Emperor, Ernst Krahl (1858–1926), who made the first Austrian coat of arms after the fall of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, after the WW I in 1918.


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