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IRAN: Iran, Highway Map. وزارت راه. راهنماى ايران



A large map of highways in Iran, printed by the Ministry of Roads, was printed in English recto and Farsi verso in 1970, in the time of the rapid development of the country under Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in the time of the White Revolution. 

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A road map of Iran in English and Farsi shows different types of roads, railway lines, airports, cities, towns, rivers and dams, flooding areas etc. The charts include road distances between major cities and index of the cities. The map was made by the Ministry of Roads of Iran, during the White Revolution.

The White Revolution or The Shah and People Revolution was a series of reforms in Iran made between 1963 and 1978 by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The reform program included among others a land reform, construction of an expanded road, rail, and air network, and a number of dam and irrigation projects. The Trans-Iranian Railway was expanded, port facilities were improved and the main roads connecting Tehran and provincial capitals were asphalted.

The Ministry of Roads of Iran was founded in 1877 under the “Ministry of Public Benefits” and was renamed as “Ministry of Ways”by a Parliamentary law in 1929. Later in 1936 Parliament passed a law to call it as “Ministry of Roads”,and again, in 1974, it was renamed as “Ministry of Roads and Transportation”.The ministry was dissolved in 2011, after it was merged with Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.


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