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IRAQ / POLITICAL PROPAGANDA / ANTI-COMMUNISM: الكتاب الأسود : اعتراف الشيوعيين




[The Black Book: Confession of the Communists]


An anti-Communist propaganda publication, issued immediately after the Iraqi 1963 Ramadan Revolution


Large 8°. 123 pp., black and white wrappers with flaps (wrappers slightly worn with tiny tears and folds, otherwise in a good condition).






A book in Arabic language, published immediately after the so called Ramadan Revolution in Iraq, was published as a part of the governmental anti-communist propaganda in 1963.
The Ramadan Revolution, also called the 8 February Revolution and the February 1963 coup d’état, overthrew the government of the Prime Minister of Iraq, Abd al-Karim Qasim, who supported the Communist Party and was shot after a short trial. The new government organized a prosecution and a massacre of hundreds of suspected communists.

This book quotes alleged confessions of the famous politicians or their relatives, former members of the Communist Party, who give lengthy reports on their activities, admit their wrongdoings and false paths. The statements are written, also facsimiled, and transcribed from the oral confessions.

Worldcat lists no institutional examples, but mentions the title in the Arab Union Catalog.

References: OCLC 4770406287.

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