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ISLAMIC CALLIGRAPHY / TURKISH WAR OF INDEPENDENCE: عصمت [Ismet / Purity also Honor or Honesty]



An eye catching combination of traditional Islamic calligraphy, modern printing technique and contemporary military and political iconography, made to glorify the Turkish War of Independence.


Lithography, 48 x 63 cm (soft folds with tiny holes and tears, small holes mostly in margins of the image, minor staining and foxing, small tears in margins, two red Ottoman stamps in the upper right corner).


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This magnificent late Ottoman broadside, rich with details, was made to glorify the Turkish War of Independence and generals Kâzım Karabekir Pascha (1882 – 1948) and Ali Fuat Cebesoy (1882 – 1968).

The text with most important dates and events of the war is set in various ornaments, based on the traditional Islamic calligraphy, forming cartouches, mosques, squares and frames, mixed with Islamic religious symbols such as Zulfiqar (the Sword of Ali) and a scroll, set together in a composition of an amulet, as well as with modern military symbols in forms of bullets. The entire composition is crowned with the state symbols and the name Ankara in a star on the top.

The symbols in the upper row praise the Islamic Knowledge (Alem-i İslam) with images of mosques and National and Economic Sovereignty (Hakimiyet-i Milliye, Hakimiyet-i İktisadiye) with depiction of bullets on the sides.

Note on Rarity

We could trace a version of the broadside, printed in red, sold at a Turkish auction, otherwise we are not aware of any other examples, although it is difficult to trace a title of this kind of Ottoman broadsides in institutions.

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