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ISTANBUL: Управление военных Топографов. Стамбул.



A rare large chromolithographed map of Turkey with Istanbul in the middle was published in Russian Cyrillic as a part of a detailed series of maps of European Russia, made in the late 1920s by the Soviet Military Topographic Office, under the command of the Red Army.

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A large, highly detailed chromolithographed map, centered on Istanbul, embraces the area between south eastern part of Bulgaria, and Izmir and Yozgat in Anatolia. The map is printed in Russian Cyrillic.

The map was made as a part of a series of maps of the European Russia, which were published separately and updated in the first half of the 20th century. The series was published by the Russian Topographic Office, which was since 1923 under the command of the Red Army.

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