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ISTANBUL ARCHAEOLOGY AND ART HISTORY: Topkapı Sarayı müzesine bağlı tarihi türbeler [Historical Tombs Attached to Topkapı Palace Museum]


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A rare city plan of Istanbul, probably made by the Topkapı Palace Museum, marks the historical tombs and mausoleums in the city, which are a part of the museum. An in-set map shows the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul with marked tombs. Marked are also the tram connections.

The key in the upper right part lists the names of the buried in the marked tombs and the addresses of locations.

The map was probably made for the employees of the museum.

The Topkapı Palace, a home of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire, has been transformed to a museum after the fall of the empire, in 1924, and is today is administered by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We could not find any institutional examples or mentioning of the map in available literature.

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