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ITALIAN SOCIALISM: Sei settimane in Russia nel 1919 [Six Week in Russia in 1919].



A rare Italian translation of Arthur Ransome’s pro-Soviet book was issued by the Italian socialist publishing house Avanti!, whose headquarters were burned down by the Mussolini’s Blackshirts a year before. It was banned by the Fascist government in 1926.

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A book is an uncommon Italian translation of Six Weeks in Russia, written by Arthur Ransome (1884 – 1967) and first published in 1919. Ransome was an English journalist in author, mostly known for his book Swallows and Amazons.

Ransome moved to Russia in 1913 to study Russian folklore. He spent WWI working as a foreign correspondent and covering the war on the Eastern Front for the Daily News. After the war Ransome stayed in Russia. During the Russian revolution he was publishing first-hand accounts, sympathising with the Bolsheviks. He also became close with numerous Communist leaders, such as Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Karl Radek. In 1929, Arthur Ransome settled in the Lake District, where a year later he published his most famous work Swallows and Amazons.

The book was translated by Anita Dobelli-Zampetti, an Italian female activist and an official at the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, and was published by an Italian publishing house Avanti!.

Avanti! (Forward!) is the official newspaper of the Italian Socialist Party, published since 25 December 1896. Founded in Rome, the publishing house moved to Milan in 1911. In 1919 the headquarters of Avanti! were burned down by the Mussolini’s Blackshirts . It was banned by the Fascist government in 1926. From that year on the newspaper was published in exile, in Paris and then in Zürich, as a weekly. Avanti! Was also publishing brochures, such as this one.

The publications of Avanti! from the 1920s and 1930s are rare, because they were banned by the Fascist government.

We could find eight examples of this book in libraries worldwide.

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