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KATHMANDU, Nepal: Khatmandu City.



An unusual, well designed map of Kathmandu that was printed in 1972, during the height of the Nepal-Himalaya tourism craze.

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A well designed map shows Kathmandu in Nepal with  smaller pictorial map of the Kathmandu Valley on the back. The printed text verso gives information on the region, hotels, banks, restaurants and bars, and trekking.

The map was made during the height of the Nepal craze, with many international mountaineering teams conquering the peaks of the Himalaya.  Kathmandu was also a popular destination on the Hippie trail, leading from Europe to India and Asia.

International Graphic Art map making agency in Kathmandu was responsible for making high quality maps of the city and trekking routes in the Himalayas, for tourists and official use only, in the early 1970s. All their maps are scarce today, since they were used on the field and often disposed in the later years. We could trace separate examples of their maps in libraries worldwide.

This map is registered in 6 libraries worldwide.


References: OCLC 5407553.

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