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Ladino / Bible – Istanbul Publication: לוס סאלמוס


[Los Salmos / Book of Psalms]


An uncommon Book of Psalms in Ladino, printed in Istanbul by an Armenian publisher under a sponsorship of the American missionaries.


12°: [4 pp.,], 217 pp., [3 pp.] blank, original dark blue cloth card wrappers (minor staining mostly to the first and last pages, wrappers slightly rubbed, with light staining, a repaired crack and a tiny loss of material, but overall in a good used condition).



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The Book of Psalms, printed in Ladino or Judaeo-Spanish, was printed in 1900 in Istanbul. The work was commissioned by American Protestant missionaries and published by Agop Boyaciyan (1837 – 1914), an ethnic Armenian who was one of the leading commercial publishers in the Ottoman Empire, and who learned printing in United States in the 1860s while under the sponsorship of said missionaries.

Ladino was an exceedingly popular among the Jewish population in the Ottoman Empire, who published several newspapers in the language.

In this case Judaeo-Spanish was used by the American missionaries to approach the Christian religion to the Jewish minority of Istanbul.

This is the third edition, after the preceding versions from 1878 and 1885. It is unclear how many examples of this edition from 1900 are held in institutions.

References: OCLC 233183622, 233180579, 233180579. Iacob M. Hassan, Angel Berenguer Amador, Introducción a la Biblia de Ferrara, 1991, p. 411, no. 21.3.

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