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LAHORE IMPRINT / ISLAMIC LAW: حيرت الفقه [Hyret al Fik’h, Hariat ul-Fikh]



A rare pamphlet with questions and answers regarding the Islamic law in Persian language, published in Lahore.


Small 4°, 24 pp. lithographed text with decorated title page, bound with old linen string (slightly age-toned and stained, with small tears and chips without loss of text in margins, but otherwise in a good, partly uncut condition, old script “1 / 6 22. Dec. 86 Bombay” in black ink in the upper margin of the title page).



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Publishers: صحاف محمد اكبر (Sahaf Muhammad Akbar, i. e. Muhammad Akbar (The Great), Bookseller) & ميان محمد صحاف پشاوريان (Miyan Muhammad Sahaf Peshawariyan, i. e. Mister Muhammad Peshawariyan (i. e. from Peshawar), Bookseller).

[S. d., 1886 post quem non, 1294 AH / 1878 AD – latter annotation inserted in the book].


This rare pamphlet with a series of questions and answers, connected with the Islamic law, was probably published in Lahore in 1870s.

Although the text appeared to be exceedingly popular on the territory of today’s India and Pakistan, and was published at least 8 times between 1850 and late 1870s in Delhi, Lucknow and Lahore, we could not trace any examples of our version, which was probably published in Lahore.

This version is not mentioned in the bibliography of Persian prints in India and Pakistan (Kitāb shināsi-yi āthār-i Fārsi-yi chāp shuda dar shibh-i qāra) and the Chughtai Public Library in Lahore does not hold an example. We also could not trace any institutional examples on Worldcat.

References: Cf. Seyed Aref Noshahi, Kitāb shināsi-yi āthār-i Fārsi-yi chāp shuda dar shibh-i qāra (سید عارف نوشاهى, کتاب شناسی آثار فارسی چاپ شده در شبه قاره (هند، پاکستان، بنگلادش) از 1160 1386ش./ 1195 1428هـ/ 1781 2007م.), no. 1704; Moshar II, 2/26 (?).

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