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LAMBERG: Wolf Dietrich von Lamberg


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Coat of arms and dedication leaf by Wolf Dietrich von Lamberg on a leaf from a late 16th century Album amicorum.

The noble family Lamberg was one of the most important families of the 16th century in Carniola (today Slovenia). More notable members of the family were Sigismund von Lamberg († 1488 first bishop of Ljubljana), Christoph von Lamberg († 1579 bishop of Seckau), Johann Jakob von Lamberg (1561–1630, bishof of Gurk 1603–1630), Karl von Lamberg (1570–1612, bischof of Prague), Johann Philipp von Lamberg (1651–1712, bishop of Passau 1689–1712), Joseph Dominikus von Lamberg (1680–1761, bishop of Passau) and Anna Aloysia Maximiliane Louise von Lamberg-Kunstadt (1676/77-1738, mistress of Alexander Benedikt Sobieski.

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