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Last Ottoman Book on Darwinism: داروين [Darvin / Darwin]




8°. 15 pp. with illustrated cover (tiny loss of paper on the spine, light water-staining in the lower corner, lower margin of the cover cut into the low part of the printing, without loss of text, otherwise in a good condition).



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An ephemeral biography of Charles Darwin was issued in the series Büyük Adamlar Serisi (Series of Important Men) with Ottoman lettering in the last year before the Atatürk’s reformation of the script in the Republic of Turkey.

As the previous Ottoman books on Darwin from this catalogue still discussed the Darwinism, this biography already places the scientist in the series established men.

We could not find any examples on Worldcat, although it is possible, that the title was miscatalogued as it often happened with the Ottoman titles.

References: TBTK; 11662.

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