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LAW IN ARABIC COUNTRIES AND THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE: حقوق الحقوق [Hukuk / Al-Hukuk – Huquq]


The complete first year of one of the first newspapers on law, written under the Western influences and parallelly issued in Ottoman and Arabic languages.


8°. 12 parallel issues in Ottoman (203 pp.) and Arabic languages (199 pp.) (all together 24 units with 402 pp.), bound together. Original cloth boards, brown calf spine with gilt decoration and lettering, original marbled endpapers, old taxation stamps (minor staining and foxing, binding slightly scuffed on the corners, spine with light scratches and a tiny worm hole, small cracks in the gutters of the endpapers, overall in a good clean condition).

No 1: Ott. 24 pp. / Arab. 20 pp. No 2: Ott. 26-40 pp. / Arab. 22-36 pp. No 3: Ott. 42-56 pp. / Arab. 38-52 pp. No 4: Ott. 58-72 pp. / Arab. 54-68 pp. No 5: Ott. 74-88 pp. / Arab. 70-84 pp. No 6: Ott. 90-104 pp. / Arab. 86-100 pp. No 7: Ott. 106-120 pp. / Arab. 102-116 pp. No 8: Ott. 122-136 pp. / Arab. 118-132 pp. No 9: Ott. 138-152 pp. / Arab. 134-148 pp. No 10: Ott. 154-168 pp. / Arab. 150-164 pp. No 11: Ott. 170-184 pp. / Arab. 166-180 pp. No 12: Ott. 186-203 pp. / Arab. 182-199 pp.

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The newspaper was published once per month and according to the text under the title published articles on “collective, commercial and penal rights, the rights of states, administration, and important trials”. It was issued in 50 numbers until 1896.

This is the complete series of the first year in both languages.

We could find three institutional copies of the series (Princeton University Library, McGill University Library, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz).

References: OCLC 427979759, 175311757, 1158576941.

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