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LAWS – BOSNIAN WILAYAH: Основ закона. О тимарима и зијаметима налалазећим се у босанском вилајету. [Osnov zakona. O timarima i zijametima nalalazećim se u bosanskom vilajetu].


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Ground Laws. About Land Holdings and Property in Bosnian Wilazah. May 19, 1869.


A broadside, printed in Cyrillic on the left-hand side, and in Ottoman Turkish on the right-hand, quotes new laws for Bosnian wilayah (i. e. the province of Bosnia inside the Ottoman empire), as issued on May 19 1869.

The broadside was published in the last years of the Ottoman 400 year occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1878 those two provinces came under Austro-Hungarian administration at the Treaty of Berlin.

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