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A biography of Lenin’s motherMaria Alexandrovna Ulyanova (Мария Александровна Ульянова, 1835-1916) shows her as an example of every strong Communist woman.

Rachil (Rosa or Rachel) Aronovna Kovnator was a Jewish author and journalist, born and active in Russia. During WWII she was active in the Jewish Anti-fascist Committee and after WWII she dedicated her work to the Communist propaganda. Her book on Lenin’s mother is one of her most famous and influential works. It was first published in 1944 in Moscow under title Matka Lenina in Publishing House for Foreign Languages (Wydawnictwo Literatury w Językach Obcych) and instantly translated into many other languages.

This Slovenian translation was published one year after WWII, in 1946 by the Anti-Fascist Front of Women (AFŽ).

The book is very rare, probably because of the fall-out between Tito and Stalin in 1948, after which pro-Soviet propaganda was forbidden. We could only trace 4 examples in libraries in Slovenian and none abroad.

References: OCLC 439036739.

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