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LIBYA - PICTORIAL MAP: ليبيا‎‎ .خريطت ليبيا الياحيت [Map of Contemporary Libya].



An unusual tourist pictorial map of Libya in Arabic script was printed for in 1960s, in the time of the country’s economic boom, after discovering of oil reserves in 1959 and before a coup d’état in 1969.

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This uncommon decorative pictorial map of Libya shows the main tourist attractions, main roads, side roads and gravel roads, distances between cities, towns and settlements, oil fields and names landscapes.

The map was published by the Public Tourist Administration in 1960s, in the time of Libya’s economic boom under King Idris. Libya declared its independence, on 24 December 1951as the United Kingdom of Libya, a constitutional and hereditary monarchy under King Idris, Libya’s only monarch. Only the discovery of significant oil reserves, in 1959, helped this country to rise from poverty to one of the most affluent countries in the world. In 1969, a group of rebel military officers launched a coup d’état against King Idris, also known as the al-Fateh Revolution, led by Muammar Gaddafi.

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