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LIMOGES, France: Totius Lemovici et Confinium Provinciarum Quantum ad Dioecesin Lemovicensen Spectant. Novissima et Fidissima Descriptio


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Map shows Limoges in France with a bird’s eye view of the city in the upper right part.

The map was published in Atlas sive Cosmographicae, the so called “Mercator-Hondius Atlas” by Jodocus Hondius and based upon a map by Gerhard Mercator. The engraver Pieter van der Keere was a Dutch engraver, publisher and globe maker. In 1584 he moved for religious reasons to London, where he met another Dutch imigrant Jodocus Hondius, who eventually became his brother-in-law. In 1593, Keere and Hondius settled in Amsterdam with their families. Hondius purchased the plates of Gerard Mercator’s Atlas from Mercator’s grandson in 1604 and republished them in the “Mercator-Hondius Atlas”, that is now known as one of the most famous atlases from the early 17th century. The Mercator’s maps were re-engraved by van der Keere in his distinguished style.

Jodocus Hondius died in 1612 and his publishing house was taken over by his widow, two sons, Jodocus II and Henricus, and later by his son-in-law Johannes Janssonius.


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