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LJUBLJANA: Laibach 1917



Pogled na Kolodvorsko ulico v Ljubljani z leta 1917. Natancno so upodobljene zgradbe, stranske ulice in napisi na zgradbah. 

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Detailed water-colourr drawing shows the Kolodvorska ulica leading from the main train station to the old city center. The cathedral and the hill with the castle are visiable in the background. Names of the restaurants and shops are marked clearly, also are recognisable all the buildings.

The drawing was made in 1917, during the World War I, one year before the dissolution of Austria-Hungary. A year later the region joined the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

The part shown of the drawing was a new part of Ljubljana, when the city expanded itself beyond the city walls in the direction of the main train station after the devastating earthquake of 1895. The time after the earthquake until 1910 was also named the “rebirth of Ljubljana”. New parks, squares and monuments were built, the city got canalisation, trams and telephones. 436 new buildings were built and about 100 buildings were rebuilt and enlarged.

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