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LUDWIG I OF BAVARIA: Ludwig, gerecht und beharrlich, Decoration von Fräulein G.v. Meiern zur Feier der Ankunft S.S.K.K.M.M. von Bayern in Nürnberg, am 25ten August 1833.


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A beautiful large broadside shows a portrait of Ludwig I of Bavaria (1786 – 1868), a king of Bavaria from 1825 to 1848, as a center of sun rays. The letters and rays hsve been lithographed in gold and black, and details have been hand-coloured with highly decorative gouache colours.

The broadside was printed privately, and was based on a decoration made by miss C. von Maiern for the occasion of the visit of Ludwig I to Nuremberg, on August 25 1833.

The broadside is very rare. We could only trace one example in the institutions worldwide.


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