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MACEDONIA – INTERNAL MACEDONIAN REVOLUTIONARY ORGANIZATION: Ликови македонских револуционара [Likovi makedonskih revolucionara / Images of Macedonian revolutionaries]



A book in Serbian language describes the main Macedonian revolutionaries of the of the left-wing national liberation movement in the Ottoman territories in Europe, from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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The text in the pamphlet includes biographies and portraits of the Macedonian members of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO), a left-wing organization inside the Ottoman Empire with a goal to free Macedonia. 

The author Dimitar Yanakiev Vlahov (Bulgarian: Димитър Янакиев Влахов) was a Macedonian – Bulgarian politician and himself a member of the IMRO. Born in the Ottoman Empire, in Kilkis, today in Greece, he spent most of his youth in Bulgaria. After the Young Turks revolution he became an active member of the Ottoman parliament and a member of the Ottoman Socialist Party. In the 1920s Vlahov had a fall-out with the new leaders of IMRO, which sentenced him to death.  In 1925, he founded his own revolutionary organisation IMRO (United) (1925–1936) in Vienna, and eventually moved to Russia. He returned to Macedonia in 1944, where he became a politician in newly founded Yugoslavia.  

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References: OCLC 829716283.

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