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MADRID BROADSIDE – Bull of the Crusade: Bula de composicion para los reynos de Indias. M DCC. LXXXX. y M. DCC. LXXXXI. Sumario de la Bula de la Santa Cruzada.



An uncommon personalised indulgence for for the souls of the deceased in Peru and Tierra Firme. 



A personalised broadside indulgence was printed in Madrid for Reynos de Indias –  the American and Philippine possessions of the Spanish Crown. Bula de la santa Cruzada, or a Bull of the Crusade was a Papal bull that granted indulgences to those who took part in the crusades against Muslims, pagans and heretics. The

The wood-cut illustrations show St. Peter and Paul, seal of the Comisario General De la Santa Cruzada, and the facsimile signature.

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