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MANTUA / MANTOVA NEWSPAPER, 1676: Mantoua 13. Agosto 1676. Nr. 33



A rare early example of the Mantua newspaper, one of the world’s earliest newspapers, with reports on the events from the first half of August 1676.


This is an exceedingly rare issue of a Mantua weekly, reporting on the events from the mid August, 1676. The newspaper in Italian language reports information received from Vienna, Hamburg, Cracow, Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Strasbourg, Rome, Milan, Genova and Venice.

Mantova (or Mantoua) is one of the oldest newspapers in Italy and in the world, which had been has been published continuously until today, when the newspaper is published as daily La Gazzetta di Mantova.

The oldest numbers of the newspaper were printed in June 1664, when the ducal printers Osanna, active in Mantua since 1588, received a privilege to print the news. The newspaper recorded mostly events from the court of Gonzagas and eventually reporting on the events through the information they have received from major European cities.

All the early issues, which were printed without a recognizable title or head, are extremely rare, as they were disposed of, after the news were out of date. Institutions worldwide only hold separate issues of the newspaper. A larger collection is held at the Museum of the Gazette di Manova (Museo della Gazzetta di Mantova).

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