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MARXISM: Anti-Dühring: Gospoda Eugena Dühringa znanstveni prevrat.



The first translation of the Anti-Düring book by Friedrich Engels to Slovenian was published in 1933 to set an example how to supress all the contemporary tendencies to change or undermine the fundamental Marxist thought.

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The first Slovenian translation of Engels’es Anti-Dühring: Herr Eugen Dühring’s Revolution in Science, a text critisising philosophy of German positivist philosopher and a critic of Marxism&nbsp Eugen Dühring (1833-1921). The work was first published in 1878.

As said in the introduction, the work was translated in 1933 with a purpose set an example for the young people, how to firmly supress any work of a “botcher” trying to undermine or change the original thought of Karl Marx.

References: OCLC 441672234.

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