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MAYAKOVSKY: Избранный Маяковский [Izbrannyj Majakovskij].



A book with collected works of Vladimir Mayakovsky, with a decorative cover, was printed in Russian language in Berlin in 1923.

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A book in Russian Cyrillic with a decorative cover includes poems from Mayakovsky’s works Революция, (Revolution, from 1917), Лирика (Lyrics, 1916), Сатира (Satires, from 1913), Облако в штанах (A Cloud in Pants, 1915), Человек (The Man, 1918), 50 000 000 (1921), and Пятый Интернационал (Fifth International, 1922).

In the early 1920s Berlin had one of the largest Russian communities in Europe outside Russia. About 300,000 Russians are belived to be living in Germany at the time, most of them being White Russians, fleeing the October Revolution. At the time Berlin was also one of the most popular printing centres, due to the inflation and extremely low local currency.

References: OCLC 762485162.

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