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MEMENTO MORI / GERMAN BAROQUE: Laudatio Funeralis In Obitum Viri Excellentissimi, Pereximii Doctissimique Domini M. Andreæ Unkepunz Poetæ Laureati, Ludimagistri Meritissimi, Et Hypodidascali Exceleberrimi In Illustri Schola Octava, quae Bopfingae Floret


A large-format satirical pamphlet in Latin, written by German early art historian and author on scientific books on many subjects, including on the Jews in China, and Arabic and Chinese literature, Christoph Gottlieb von Murr (1733 – 1811).


Folio, [8 pp.] with 2 woodcuts, unbound (soft folds, repairs to the spine, tiny tears in margins, slightly dusty, sporadic annotations and crossed-out words in black ink, wrongly corrected in black ink to MDCCLXXIX and annotated Editio Secunda (Second Edition)).

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The text, containing an eulogy with poems in bad Latin and accompanied with charming memento mori woodcuts, was made for the occasion of death of an imaginary “intellectual” Andreas Ungepunz (meaning a Goblin) from the Eight School of Bopfingen a small town in Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany.

This is a scarce first edition, published in small folio. The title page was wrongly corrected by hand in black ink to 2nd edition, which was only published in 1779 in much smaller format and on 40 pages and lacking the charming printing and memento moris vignettes (Laudatio funeralis in obitu viri excellentissimi, pereximii doctissimique d… – Google Books).

We could trace three institutional examples of this first edition, housed in Universität Marburg, Bibliothèque nationale de France and Universitätsbibliothek der LMU München (mentioning 40 pp. And also 4 separate sheets, possibly the first collation copied from more common second edition).

References: OCLC 980862177, 634004150, 460224836.

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