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MID CENTURY POLAND ART EXHIBITION – POSTER BULGARIAN ART: Iwan Milew. Wystawa malarstwa. 1897-1927 [Ivan Milev. Exhibition of Paintings. 1897-1927]



One of the early posters by the Polish graphic designer Roman Cieślewicz, later Paris based designer and an art director at Vogue and Elle magazines

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Roman Cieślewicz (1930-1996) was a Polish artist, who graduated from the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. In 1962, Cieślewicz moved to Paris, France, and became naturalized in 1971.He was known as a poster designer and an art director of Elle and Vogue magazines. He was regularly participating on several other major organisations and events, exhibited in solo exhibitions in major art museums and galleries and received several international awards for his work.

This poster is one of his earlier works and was made for an exhibition on the Bulgarian artist Ivan Milev (1897 – 1927), the founder of the Bulgarian Secession, held in Warsaw in 1958.

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