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Modern Physics in the Ottoman Empire / Electricity: حكمت طبيعيه [Hikmet-i Tabiiye / Wisdom of Nature]



4 volumes on modern physics in Ottoman language with one of the earliest texts on the electricity in the Ottoman Empire.


4 volumes bound-in-one, 8°, [4 pp.], 162 pp., [2 pp.] blank. 155 pp. 87 pp. 136 pp. Contemporary blue cloth boards with debossed decoration and gold crescent, original brown calf spine with gilt decoration (minor staining, spine repaired in the lower part, but overall in a good condition).


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The series of four richly illustrated books starts with the basics of measurements, gravitation, temperature, magnetism, vacuum and pressure, which could be applied to the engineering, ship-building, machine building and military, and continues through more complicated physics equations and experiments in the second volume. The third volume is dedicated to optics and the fourth to magnetism and electricity, making this book one of the earliest Ottoam publications on the latter subject.

The authors of this extensive work were Abdüllatif Efendi (Mülazım, meaning junior officer), teacher at Darüşşafaka Society, the first non-governmental organization in the Ottoman Empire and at the Military Academy, and a teacher of physics at Darüşşafaka, Hasan Fethi.

References: OCLC 1159241132. BDK – ÖZEGE; 7586 – TBTK 628. Cf: Meltem Kocaman, DARÜŞŞAFAKA’DA FİZİK EĞİTİMİNİN BAŞLANGICI, Osmanlı Bilimi Araştırmaları, XIV/2, 2013, pp. 105.

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